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Welcome to JMET Fastener, your trusted partner in  fastener and building material exports. We specialize in the trade of fasteners and flanges, with a particular focus on providing high-quality products that meet English and American standards up to 10.9 grade. With our in-depth understanding of raw material prices and destination country markets, we are able to offer the most cost-effective products to our customers. Whether you are in Southeast Asia, South America, the Middle East, or anywhere else in the world, JMET Fastener is committed to build a reliable future with you.

About Us

JMET is a state-owned enterprise established in 1974 with a long history of export trade. We are a compound enterprise with all aspects of import and export, and specialize in fastener exports to Southeast Asia, South America, and the Middle East. Our in-depth understanding of raw material prices and destination country markets allows us to provide you with the most cost-effective products.

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Our Services

A welder is welding a FLANGE onto a piece of metal.


Joining metals by melting and fusing them together.

A machine emitting sparks from customized fasteners with a hex nut and customized flange.

plasma cutting

Using a high-velocity jet of ionized gas to cut through metal.


Pouring molten metal into a mold to create a desired shape.


Shaping metal by hammering or pressing it when it is malleable.

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