Searching for high-quality china gost flange for your next manufacturing project? Look no further! This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know about china gost flanges – what they are, why they are important, the different types available, and how to choose the right one for your specific needs.


A flange is a projecting rim or edge used to attch or strengthen objects. Flanges are commonly used to connect pipes and valves in plumbing and manufacturing systems. They provide easy access and allow for disassembly for maintenance.

China GOST flanges refer to flanges manufactured to meet the GOST standard used across many countries in Eastern Europe and Asia. GOST (which stands for "Government Standard") ensures uniformity and high quality in industrial products. China has become a leading global exporter of GOST flanges due to its expertise in manufacturing and competitive pricing.

Below we will explore what makes china gost flanges unique, the many types available, design factors to consider, and tips for selecting the optimal china gost flange for your project from suppliers like Jmet Corp. Let’s dive in!

What Makes China GOST Flanges Unique?

China GOST flanges have several unique characteristics that set them apart from other flange types like ANSI or DIN flanges:

  • Manufactured to GOST Standards: China GOST flanges must meet specific technical benchmarks outlined by GOST regulations for materials, dimensions, testing, and quality control. This ensures consistency and reliability.
  • Optimized for High Pressure: China GOST flanges are engineered to withstand very high pressures up to 42MPa in some classifications, making them ideal for steam, gas, and chemical pipelines.
  • Wide Range of Sizes: China GOST flanges come in an extensive range of diameters, allowing you to customize your pipeline design. Common sizes range from 10mm to 1420mm.
  • Forged Steel Construction: China GOST flanges are constructed from durable forged steel that is machined and heat treated for enhanced mechanical properties. This makes them incredibly strong.
  • Variety of Connections: China GOST flanges come in slip-on, weld-neck, lap joint, and blind configurations to accommodate different joining requirements.

By meeting GOST standards, china gost flanges offer guaranteed quality and versatility for your manufacturing pipelines while still being cost-effective.

Types of China GOST Flanges

There are several types of china gost flanges classified by their joint designs and connection methods:

Welding Neck Flanges

  • Mostly used in high pressure and high temperature systems
  • Have a tapered hub that extends into the pipeline and is welded on site
  • Provide a smooth interior flow and minimizes internal erosion

Slip-On Flanges

  • Slide over the pipe and are fillet welded on the exterior surface
  • Ideal for systems where frequent dismantling is required
  • Cannot withstand the same pressure as weld-neck flanges

Socket Weld Flanges

  • Designed with threaded female ends to mate with threaded male pipe ends
  • Very compact and streamlined design
  • Often used in smaller diameter, lower pressure applications

Lap Joint Flanges

  • One flange has a stub end that fits into the bore of the adjoining flange
  • Aligned lap joint creates ring reinforcement for added strength
  • Useful where frequent dismantling is required

Blind Flanges

  • Solid metal plates used to close off the ends of a pipeline
  • Have no center holes and are often bolted in place
  • Help isolate sections of pipework or act as end caps

Plate Flanges

  • Constructed from steel plate with a ring groove and hub
  • Assembled by welding segments together on-site
  • Can be custom designed for large diameter applications

This covers some of the most common china gost flange varieties. Understand your connection needs and operating conditions to select the best option.

Key Design Factors for China GOST Flanges

Choosing the optimal china gost flange requires evaluating several important design factors:

  • Pressure Class: China GOST flanges are categorized into pressure classes ranging from low pressure at PN2.5 to extremely high pressure PN100. Select a flange rated for your system’s operating pressure.
  • Temperature Range: Determine the minimum and maximum temperatures. Select materials and gaskets accordingly.
  • Diameter: Choose a flange diameter that matches your piping system size. GOST diameters range from 10mm to 1420mm.
  • Flange Facing: Most GOST flanges have raised face (Type 2) facings. Some applications may require flat face (Type 1).
  • Pipe Material: Consider material compatibility – for example, stainless steel flanges for stainless pipework.
  • Bolting: Decide on bolt size, grade, thread pitch, and quantity based on dimensions and pressure.
  • Gaskets: Select gaskets suitable for the temperatures, pressures and fluids handled. Options include compressed fiber, spiral wound, and Kammprofile.

Consulting with suppliers like Jmet Corp. can help analyze all the variables to find the optimal china gost flange configuration for your system needs.

Tips for Selecting China GOST Flanges

Follow these tips when selecting china gost flanges for your next project:

  • Clearly identify your performance requirements – pressure, temperature, pipe diameter, fluids handled, etc.
  • Select a reputable manufacturer that meets GOST quality standards and can provide mill test reports. Jmet Corp uses advanced forging equipment and quality inspections.
  • Compare materials – forged carbon steel and stainless steel are common. Stainless resists corrosion.
  • Consider lead times required – work with suppliers that stock standard flanges for faster delivery.
  • Review flange dimensions and tolerances – China GOST flanges must meet strict size specifications.
  • Look for third-party testing and certifications to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Ask about value added services – some suppliers like Jmet Corp. offer customization and kitting.
  • Review pricing options – China GOST flanges offer value compared to European or U.S. standards.

Following these tips will ensure you select durable, code-compliant china gost flanges tailored for your unique specifications.


China GOST flanges play a critical role in high-pressure, high-temperature manufacturing pipelines across industries. With characteristics like forged steel construction, adherence to GOST quality benchmarks, and a wide range of configurable options, China GOST flanges offer superior quality and performance compared to other global flange standards – at very competitive pricing.

Working closely with expert suppliers like Jmet Corp. allows you to customize china gost flanges based on the unique needs of your piping system and processes. Be sure to evaluate all the critical design factors and performance requirements when selecting flanges for your next project. With stringent quality inspections and advanced manufacturing, China GOST flanges will provide a leakproof, long-lasting pipeline connection for years to come.

For more information or to discuss your custom china gost flange requirements, be sure to reach out to us today!