On the afternoon of January 16th, JMET held its 2022 summary and commendation conference in the conference hall on the 2nd floor of Building G of Sainty International Group. Gao Song, the general manager of Sainty International Group, attended the meeting and delivered a speech, and Zhou An, the vice general manager of Sainty International Group and chairman of the company, presented the work report for 2022. The conference commended the advanced collectives and individuals of 2022.

In 2022, JMET‘s import and export volume reached 25 million US dollars, with export markets covering more than 20 countries and regions around the world. JMET FASTENER achieved an export of 4 million US dollars.

Zhou An reviewed the work of 2022 based on the theme of “adhering to the work tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability, consolidating the basic business, coordinating party building, internal control, safety production, talent team, and corporate culture construction”. He also elaborated on the work ideas for 2023 from six aspects, including comprehensively strengthening party building, continuously improving the operating structure, strengthening team building, strengthening asset activation and internal resource cleaning and integration, deepening the construction of the three mechanisms, and improving the level of information management.

Gao Song highly affirmed the work achievements of WISCO in 2022, and requested that WISCO firmly defend its business foundation in operation, firmly implement the “headquarters to headquarters” requirements, continue to invest in and support pillar businesses, and continue to strengthen risk prevention and control in management. He emphasized that no subversive mistakes can be made, and called for steady progress and development.