Looking to harness the power of the sun? Hex head bolts are crucial for securely mounting photovoltaic (PV) panels. Read on to learn why hex bolts are ideal for your next solar installation and how to choose the best option. With the right hexagonal bolts, you can safely and reliably mount PV panels to generate clean energy.

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Mounting solar panels properly is key to getting optimal solar energy production. PV panels need to be oriented at the correct angle toward the sun and securely fastened to rooftops, racks, or poles. This is where hexagonal bolts come in. The six-sided head design allows tightening with standard hex wrenches or sockets. Paired with nuts and washers, hex bolts create robust threaded fasteners to keep panels fixed in place.

Benefits of Hex Bolts for PV Panel Mounting

Hexagonal bolts offer important advantages that make them well-suited for solar applications:

  • Tighten Without SpinningThe hex head interfaces with tools to tighten bolts without spinning. This allows easy install even in awkward positions.
  • Resist Vibration LooseningThe flat sides of the hex head resist loosening from wind vibration better than rounded heads.
  • Made of Durable MaterialsStainless steel and aluminum hex bolts withstand outdoor exposure. Galvanized steel resists corrosion.
  • Standard SizesHex bolts come in many standard thread diameters, lengths, and head sizes to suit various solar hardware.
  • Facilitate MaintenanceIf needed, hex heads allow easy tightening or panel removal for maintenance.
  • Economical ChoiceSimple hex bolts are widely available and cost-effective compared to specialty fasteners.

Key Considerations for Hex Bolts with PV Panels

Keep these factors in mind when selecting hexagonal bolts for solar installations:

  • Material – Stainless steel has the best corrosion resistance for coastal areas. Inland sites can use galvanized or aluminum.
  • Diameter – Standard M8-M12 bolts suit most solar mounting hardware. Match diameter to holes in components.
  • Length – Size length to pass through panels, racks, rails, and spacers with enough threads for the nut.
  • Head Style – Flange heads provide a large bearing surface. Hex washer heads have integrated washers.
  • Washers – Use flat washers to protect components and lock washers for vibration resistance.
  • Nuts – Flange nuts distribute load. Nylon insert nuts resist loosening.
  • Coatings – Zinc plating resists corrosion. Stainless steel and aluminum bolts don’t need plating.

Let Us Help You Choose the Perfect Solar Bolt

Here at Jmet Corp., we understand the importance of proper hex bolt selection for PV panel installations. We carry a wide range of hex head bolts in sizes, metals, and coatings to meet any project needs. Our experts can help determine the optimal hexagonal bolts for your system design. We also stock all necessary washers, nuts, and accessories for complete solar hardware sets. With the right hex bolts securing your PV panels, you can feel confident in maximizing solar energy production. Contact Jmet Corp. today to get the ideal hexagonal bolts to power up your next solar project!

FAQs About Hex Bolts for PV Panels

What are the main advantages of hex bolts for solar?

Hex bolts allow tightening without spinning, resist vibration loosening, are made of durable materials, come in standard sizes, facilitate maintenance, and are economical.

What metals should be used for solar panel bolts?

Stainless steel is ideal for coastal areas. Inland, galvanized steel and aluminum provide corrosion resistance.

How large of hex bolts do solar panel mounts require?

Most racks and rails accept standard sizes from M8 to M12. Measure your components to select the proper diameter.

Should any special washers be used with hex bolts for PV panels?

Lock washers or toothed washers help prevent loosening from wind vibration. Flat washers protect surfaces.

How frequently should I check/retorque PV panel bolts?

Check torque levels about once a year. Retorque loose bolts to maintain proper installation security.


Hexagonal bolts are the trusted fastening solution for mounting PV panels. Their head shape allows easy tightening with standard tools while resisting vibration loosening. With the right match of size, metal, coatings, and accessories, hex bolts reliably secure panels on any project. For your next solar installation, turn to the experts at Jmet Corp. to supply optimized hex bolts sets for safely and efficiently harnessing the power of the sun. Go green with confidence knowing your panels are mounted using the best hexagonal bolts. Contact us to get started on powering up your solar project today!